Think carefully about who will use your home office printer

Inkjet versus laser

Traditionally, inkjet printers were considered to be far inferior in terms of quality when compared to laser printers. Nowadays however, inkjets have come a long way and when it comes to home office use, are a much better choice than a similarly priced laser model in terms of speed, cost per page, and features.

Multifunction capabilities

For home office use, multifunction printers are a great way to save both money and space, as they combine several printing technologies into one machine. As we discussed in the introduction, the ideal home office printer has the versatility to manage a whole range of different print jobs and a multifunction has versatility in spades,


Every modern printer on the market offers USB connectivity, but what you really need to be on the lookout for is Wi-Fi as a connectivity feature. It means print jobs can be sent from anywhere in the house and more than one user can send print jobs in at a time.


A display screen makes navigating the control features and menu options of a printer much easier and boosts the overall user experience. Where possible, opt for a printer model with a display screen rather than buttons.


Also known as two sided printing, duplexing features help keep paper costs low and is a great way to minimise the environmental impact of your printing activities.

Mobile printing  

Most modern households have multiple mobile devices, so it makes sense to look for a printing model that offers some form of mobile printing whether it’s an app that works with your mobile operating system to print directly, one that can be setup to print through email, or one that uses near-field-communication to send print jobs via Wi-Fi.