1. Printer ink costs more than champagne

A millilitre of black ink in a standard cartridge for a home printer costs 97 cents, whilst a millilitre of top shelf champagne like Dom Perignon costs just 30 cents per millilitre.

2. Printing is considered to be one of the four greatest inventions to come out of ancient China

Alongside gunpowder, paper, and the compass, printing is considered to be one of the greatest inventions of ancient China. The earliest woodblock printing systems in China date back to 220AD and moveable type was invented in China around 1040.

3. The world’s smallest printer measures just 11 inches’ long

At 1-inch-wide, 2 inches high, and 11 inches long, the PrintStik printer is the smallest in the world and operates via Bluetooth. This compact printer also comes with 20 inbuilt sheets of paper.

4. The world’s largest printer measures 12 by 50 metres

Dubbed ‘Infinitus’ this giant printer used to produce backdrops for film and theatre purposes. It’s capable of printing on up to 600 square metres.

5. Fuser rollers can reach temperatures of up to 205 degrees Celsius

Fuser rollers heat toner so that it melts and can be bonded with the fibres of the paper, and these rollers can reach up to 205 degrees Celsius.

6. The first laser printer was made from a modified photocopier

In 1969, Xerox built the first laser printer by using the laser of a photocopier to transfer an image directly onto the copier drum. They also produced the office laser printer in 1981 which cost an incredible $17,000.

7. You can buy edible printer ink

Canon produces edible printer ink which can be used to print cake decorations.

8. In 2012, 942 million inkjet cartridges were bought worldwide

These contained enough ink to fill four and a half Olympic swimming pools.

9. Print technology can be used on more than just paper

Printing technology has been adapted to print glass, create images in a waterfall, a food printer, and a coffee printer.

10. Samsung create a printer made from recycled paper

In 2013, Samsung Engineers produced a printer they called ‘Origami’ that has an exterior was made of recycled paper and is assembled using an ‘origami based’ technique.